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Dupe Server Skripts :)


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https://pastebin.com/UEfiSt6C - /dupe command

https://pastebin.com/6ASP9M6H - random item generator

https://pastebin.com/aPhDadMB - mob clear (optional)

requirements: minehut server, skript plugin

once you're done putting in the skripts (naming each <filename.sk>)

in your server do /skript reload scripts or if you want to load one at a time

do /skript reload <filename.sk>

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11 minutes ago, HonestlyDex said:

dupe doesn't work.

Hi there,

Necroposting, or replying on posts that haven’t been replied to in over a month is not allowed, unless the post is still relevant such as an active giveaway or a tutorial post.

But it seems like this post doesn't meet those requirements, could a staff lock this please?

I'm just a known player who been playing since the 24 July 2019.

Please don't DM me for support, go here (if you don't mind waiting) or join Minehut's Discord (which is more active) if you need assistance.


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