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muted for 10 decades


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hey, use [censored] its another server hosting network and it supports forge

hehe, just a little prank, although its a bit useless, since nobody will see-

[You have been muted for 10 decades, 10 days, 9 hours, 24 minutes and 2 seconds.]


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Locked - If you want to be unmuted, please appeal your mute in the correct section using the template. Next time please follow our rules! 😳

First Joined: July 2015
VIP: January 2020
Jr.Mod: 1st April 2020
Mod: 16th July 2020


~ Skript Developer
~ Discord: @nicholxs#0001
~ Previous names: Nichxlxs, Deterno, iHaveSkills, Retrical

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