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Player Appeal Format

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When appealing an active punishment on Minehut, please make sure you follow the format that is listed below. Keep in mind, punishments should be appealed if the length is 1 week or longer unless it was 100% unfair.


Also, please understand that an appeal should be made if you're 100% innocent. Fair punishments should only be appealed if you've been punished for 5 months or more unless you're given an exception such as Inappropriate Username/Skin punishments. If no exception is given, there will be a low chance of being accepted for a fair punishment.


If your appeal gets rejected, you must wait exactly 2 weeks before appealing your punishment again.


NOTICE: If you post a false player appeal, you may risk receiving a forum ban.

ALSO NOTICE: If you ask staff to review your appeal, you may risk receiving instant denial.


Minehut Player Appeal Format

Minecraft Username:

Discord Tag (Ex: Finn#0000):

Platform of Punishment (ingame/discord):

Punishment Type (mute/ban):

Date of Punishment:

Punishment Length:

Punishment Reason:

Do you believe that your punishment was fair?

Why should we revoke your punishment?

Additional information:

Do you understand that if you ask staff members to review your appeal, it will result in denial?

Please attach any sort of evidence that can support your appeal if that is possible.

Ready to appeal? Click here to appeal. Make sure you follow the format above!

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