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  1. maybe use correct spaces
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    Can someone teach me skript... command /balance [<offlineplayer>] [<text>]: aliases: /bal, /money, /worth, /bank, /slavetrader trigger: if arg-1 is set: if arg-1 hasn't played before: send "that player hasn't played the server before. <tooltip:If they are online ask them to rejoin>(Hover for more info)" stop if arg-1 is player: make player say "/balance" else: send "" send "&3Balance of a worthless player named %arg-1%" send "&9%arg-1's balance%" send "" else: send "" send "&3Balance of a slavetrader named %player%" send "&9%player's balance%" send ""
  3. Wasn't that just one of your many bad ideas?
  4. Is it bad I've been playing for years and I've only just now heard of reta?
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