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    Vivecraft is a plugin that has already been mentioned on here before, I have been testing it on 1.16 before now and it has seemed to work fine. Finally 1.16 is no longer just in a testing phase and they released it on their website, so I will be asking for it to be added to minehut's plugins. Vivecraft is a plugin that adds support and compatibility to VR minecraft play, and also adds really cool features. The website to download it is http://www.vivecraft.org/ where you can find more information on the plugin itself. I really hope this plugin is added
  2. Reta

    Trent's fantasy.

    Well that is basically the lifespan of all hut servers. They become popular for a while then die. I really don't care I am just doing it for Trent.
  3. How did we "trash it on this forums post". We were discussing a topic that you presented about the server... Anyways the fact that you say we'd have to see to understand what you mean proves what I said earlier.
  4. ok ur trolling. I said to replace person with what you were calling me "thing" not a name. also you coul just say "better?" but now ur just trolin ;(
  5. i am offended ;(. "person" would work just fine. or saying "thank you, you are kind" ;-;
  6. Reta


    So what happened to MundoSK? It used to be on the site but I can't find it anymore. Was it not compatible with the update? Are you trying to keep it or is it never coming back? eaywgw238hwefjwg4q9??????? I NEED INFORMATION!!!
  7. Hello peasants. Today I am going to be requesting some of you to help me make Trent's dream come true. Trent has requested of me to make a murder mystery server. Obviously I am the best and can make it myself but there is one thing I lack. Clones! I don't have any clones of me so no matter how fast I build I won't be quick enough to satisfy Trent's fantasies. That is why I will need you to help me! If you need more specifics DM me. The server will be called HPMystery. PS: In the meantime I will call the server by it's code name: Project Trent! COOL RIGHT!?!?!??! I came up with it myself! I
  8. Whitelisted? Anyways even if you did have custom currency and actually mean that its custom, as in it's saved as it's own variable using skript etc. It would be pointless and inefficient and you might as well use vault. And if it is already dependent on a plugin like vault you are not allowed to consider it "custom".
  9. Yes. Well I kinda just explained who I am that I the point of the introduction. u :0
  10. Guess what, toilet paper is now free after everyone already wasted their money on it.
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