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  1. Hi there! Could anyone make me a hologram leaderboard skript since i don't know how to create one. I use holographicdisplays
  2. command /resetcoins [<offline player>]: permission: coins.reset trigger: delete {coins.%arg-1%}
  3. Wow... i knew there would be a time a marketplace skript would be publicly leaked
  4. Hi there! Is there any way to downgrade back to 1.16.5 since most of my plugins have completely broke, skript doesnt function normally aigan, etc. Any way to do this?
  5. Hi there! Since the 1.17 update my skripts have been getting lots of errors lately. Is this because skript hasnt updated yet?
  6. pizzaschut

    1.17 out yet?

    Well i had a option to update to Paper 1.17 so yee.....
  7. pizzaschut

    1.17 out yet?

    Btw is there a way to downgrade back to 1.16.5?
  8. pizzaschut

    1.17 out yet?

    How was i possible to do it tho?
  9. pizzaschut

    1.17 out yet?

    I can update to Paper 1.17?
  10. Hi there! Since i updated my server to 1.17 TAB Reborn doesnt work. I checked the spigot page and i saw theres a 1.17 Pre-release. I don't know if you guys use pre-releases for updates... https://bit.ly/3zl4J5j (Shortened link cause it was long)
  11. pizzaschut

    1.17 out yet?

    I updated my server to Paper 1.17
  12. Hi there! You posted this in the wrong section. Please post skripts in the "skript releases" area
  13. Or just copy one from the forums since there are idk how much around here
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