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  1. pizzaschut


    Maybe post in off-topic next time ;-;
  2. Just very simple. Could you make a command which gives me a cake?
  3. I already appreciate staff every day! for all the work they do
  4. You may have to add some skript addons for example: TusKe or something
  5. My friend doesnt have any issues on the minehut panel though
  6. Thanks for the information! I thought my minehut account was sort of locked
  7. Ok so when i login into my minehut account it doesnt show the account i am linked to + it doesnt show the credits and it says a error occured and im unable to buy any stuff with my credits
  8. Just saying you could use the Citizens plugin and do /npc create tapl and install the sentinel plugin to let the npc attack
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