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  1. There are 2 ways to do this. 1. Change default world to the world you added (Isn't the best option for multiple worlds) 2. Install Multiverse, you do not need the addons if you don't want them, this plugin adds multi-world support. But make sure you do /mv import (world name) normal
  2. Remove everything interacting with those variables, then create new ones.
  3. ImArcticYT

    I need help bad.

    You are going to need to reset either the world you did the command in, or the entire server in the dangerzone section of your control panel.
  4. You must have a premium account to play on minehut.com
  5. Arctic, its me Braydstrike..... ive known you for almost 2 years. We would play minecraft all the time and i would be mod or admin or co owner on most of your servers. I was wondering if you would wanna talk again and stuff... aloooooot has change about me and i can explain all of that on discord.

    2018-01-31 (2).png

  6. Hmm, i'm not 100% sure since you have no plugins, is it possible for you to tell me the server name and I join to try and help you out?
  7. It is possible to do both of these with skript. And editable signs can also be done with command blocks. Msg me if you want help on it.
  8. Sadly if you dont have your world saved on your computer, you cant revert back the server. Sorry this happened to you, but please be more careful with staff by; using permissions instead of /op, possibly applications, etc. Again sorry this happened to you.
  9. Are you close enough to spawn that it is spawn protection? If not could a see a list of your plugins?
  10. ImArcticYT


    On the dashboard where it says "Server Command" type in /op {Your IGN}
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