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  1. Plugin Page: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/voxelsniper.76791/ Voxel is a useful tool for creating terrain and lines, though most of it works, there is one big part of it that doesn't; the undo command. I usually mess up a tiny bit when making terrain but if I undo it, it would be fixed. However the /u command is broken (Internal Error) and I have to manually repair damage did from Voxel. I hope it can be updated or fixed soon as this has been annoying me ever since I installed Voxel a couple of months back.
  2. goBrush is a powerful and easy way to create terrain. Currently when I do /gobrush and have all the dependencies it sends internal error. This happened to VoxelSniper and that problem with Voxel was fixed recently. If it is updated I would appreciate it and maybe builders on Minehut could get a more advanced and easy terrain making tool.
  3. M4A0 My favourite memory was on Misless, a whitelisted SMP with friends. We were in VC and ended up building a town hall. Didn't have VCs often so that was fun.
  4. M4A0 I like VoidReborn, it was a original and fun server. The idea was great and was very fun creating bases. Thats the only server I can choose that isn't replicated a hundred times like skymining.
  5. Skript variables are now at 418 im desperate i don't know whats causing it but its casued by skript cos when I remove it the server is fine help
  6. I realised the skript variables were at 189000 please help i cannot delete them manually how do i reset variables without losing the scripts?
  7. I have a farming server, I just reloaded a chat staff skript with 10 players online. Then the server crashed and was in a loop. I uninstalled Skript and the server started fine and was online, as soon as I install skript again the server won't start. 80% of the server is skripted. Help
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