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  1. tell
  2. Vault is the main thing you really need for eco and most things.
  3. ExposedForGood

    help me

    Since iv seen a lot of posts like this im going to assume it has to be one of these three: Cracked mc,Vpn,Bad connection. You can't play on a cracked minecraft account. Vpns can be detected by minehut so they will probably keep kicking you. And lastly if you dont have a vpn and you have a premuim account its either minehut or your internet connection.
  4. So its a minehut sided problem if its fine on your external. Gues its due to the plugin updates or something in the backend.
  5. What is nyacore about ?
  6. You should be opped. But are there any special plugins that you may have accidently configured to prevent you from building. Or a special skript?
  7. if it doesnt work either your doing something wrong or try restarting.
  8. hmm remember don't share too much he can see everything.
  9. Minehut has had alot of issues the past few months due to quarantine. The increase in players has put an overload on minehut servers so its expected for it to lag. if it keeps happening contact a staff member.
  10. the most dangerous goose in existence
  11. Hello hope you enjoy your stay
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