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  1. Currently IP banning does not work fully, this will be fixed on Monday when a new update comes out.
  2. I'm wanting to make use of the Minehut API on a Minehut Server. Is there any way, now that reqn is disabled, to get the API to my scripts, then use it?
  3. If this continues to happen, please create a support ticket - https://minehut.com/support - Adam, Support.
  4. Hey there users of Minehut, I am here to introduce to you, Minehut Skripting Tutorial. I will be doing Skripting tutorials at least 3 times a week and open to suggestions. Check out the channel and think about subscribing, thank you!
  5. Minehut


    So happy to be featured. Make sure to come and check the server out!
  6. Minehut


    How dare you.
  7. Minehut


    Annoying that this great server was only on the featured bored in lobby for <1 day.
  8. Minehut


    I guess he just wants this ebic plugin.
  9. How to fix Donate money to minehut.com so they can buy more AWS servers. You're welcome.
  10. Minehut


    creeper aw man - just kidding minehut staff will mute you
  11. Minehut

    new minehut logo

    this is better than the current minehut logo. please use it.
  12. What do you mean I'm not there? I'm the best. Joking
  13. It should be added. I don't see anything that can harm Minehut. It only shows the code for the website, which can be found other ways anyway.
  14. send "test code" to attacker
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