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Community Answers

  1. Send the full code, we need context. Also include the full error.
  2. its laggy af

    1. Minehut
    2. chillin_noob


      it has been laggy, i cant even move for a few second. Even tho my ping is completely fine.

      I tried to build something in the server i cant even place it/ break it because of the lag.

      Please fix ur minehut device/ something.

    3. Lapzzo


      Its not that easy

  3. Hello Minehut Staff, Before I was unfairly banned from the forums, I had the second most reputation, which I believe was around 200 at the time. I was wondering if there was any way I can get this back now that I'm allowed on the forums with no restrictions.
  4. When you run /seed, does it say invalid command or does it say something else?
  5. Please send us your latest.log file, if you go onto minehut.xyz there should be a tutorial if you search for logs. I would attach the url but I'm on the school wifi and am unable to go onto my own website.
  6. I can back after being banned and had over 3,000... trying to find the screenshot but can't seem to get it.
  7. You need to send us your latest.log file, [here] is a tutorial on how to do that.
  8. As stated above, you need Multiverse. [Here]'s a tutorial on installing plugins and [here]'s a Multiverse tutorial.
  9. No idea about the errors shown, I recommend trying to Repair Files [here].
  10. This should probably be on the Skript section [here]. You should also be more clear... teleport you to who / where?!
  11. im sorry but i found your ideas to make my self admin arent working please help me fix it and make myself admin


  12. No need for this. Just the plugin name & link to a download page is needed.
  13. Hello! I'm Adam & I'm back... or did I never even leave in the first place...
  14. https://forums.minehut.com/forum/24-player-appeals/
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