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  1. Why isn't this an official document.
  2. You should maybe focus on making it different and better than other plugins similar to it before it's added.
  3. Pretty sure Minehut has the plugin OreGenerator which would do this. However I could be mistaken, so please link the download page for whatever plugin you're talking about.
  4. When you hit start, wait until it goes back to offline and grab your latest.log. View how to get your logs [here].
  5. Minehut already has a ManHunt plugin installed [see this tutorial]. If you're wondering on how to add the plugin, [view this tutorial].
  6. Although the plugin was updated less than a couple of months ago, it doesn't say it supports 1.16.
  7. [Here]'s a download link to an OpenInv plugin. Seems updated too.
  8. wrong place, use [this].
  9. Most of Skript's functionality should still work.
  10. Minehut

    I can't download world!

    This is currently broken for most users, so I suggest using a world downloader mod such as [this].
  11. Minehut


    the screenshot shows the WorldEdit error message when the user doesn't have enough perms or is in survival, so it's installed.
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