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  1. I want to know how i can clear all player inventory and ender chests even if they're offline.

    1. poopapoopa123


      go on command block /give [name] command_bloc then do /clearinventory and then [name]

  2. Me and a few other people used an Skript exploit to get our servers to the top of the player list and I changed my MOTD's to #fixminehutlag,
  3. Do you think I could wait this one out?
  4. Yes I'm not stupid I know your issue, and for some reason resetting your password can fix it.
  5. If you have proof you can report the user [here].
  6. Minehut only supports .200 at this time for god knows what reason. Hope this helps.
  7. Try repairing your server files -> force hibernating the server. This can be done in the Danger Zone.
  8. That's not the full logs, please wait until the server has kicked you / stopped before grabbing logs.
  9. You can only view the latest.log.
  10. Minehut


    Do you get any specific errors when trying to join the server?
  11. Try resetting your password, you can do this by signing out and while signing back in hit Forgot Password.
  12. Minehut

    How to ban

    You ban someone using /ban (username). However if you want the server to be private, you can enable whitelist, just check out [this] tutorial.
  13. You need to send us your latest.log, view [this] tutorial.
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