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  1. Reqn is a skript addon that adds an HTTP request library to skript. You can download/view the addon here. Example: # Comparing Current Version of a Script! # You can easily create this using Reqn and Github! options: version: 1.0.0 # Current Version of Script url: https://baezor1.github.io/version-api-test # Latest Version of Script (Website to check!) on join: wait 1 second delete {_v} set {_v} to text from "{@url}" # Finds the Latest Version from a Website! if {_v} is not "{@version}": # Comparing! send "&eA new version of &fAPI Test&e is avalible!" to player send "&eYou are currently on version &f{@version}&e." to player send "&eThe latest version is &f%{_v}%&e!" to player delete {_v}
  2. Scenes Hello, I release a new script a few days ago. Scenes is a simple tool to create great looking cut scenes. You can easily implement them into your server! For more information, please visit the spigot page! Download: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/scenes-skript.80921/ Showcase/Tutorial:
  3. This add-on allows for server to actively monitor server TPS using skript! This is the link! https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/skript-java-addon-ticker.51893/
  4. Translation: OMG!!?!?? JUST HOST MY SERVER FOR FREE!!!?!? Provide me with freeeeee stufff, cuz I deserve it!!!!!
  5. Baezor


    Most of the people who don't support the update don't pay. If anybody pays for a server, they would appreciate the lower server prices.
  6. The skript addon skript-yaml add the ability to create and store information in .yml files. People will be able to create config files and ways to store data. This can also make configuring skripts easier for players who buys skripts on the future Minehut Marketplace. Spigot Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/skript-yaml.49829/
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