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  1. I am selling my server, DawnGN. I'm selling it because I fully lost motivation to work on it and I wanna focus more on my mental health, And current ownership is wack. I would like it for someone to revive the server, As I spent weeks developing it. Generators Server | DawnGN Includes All 44 of the Skripts that is in use on DawnGN. The custom coded discord bot in DiscordJS. Ownership of the discord server (320+ members current). Statistics Averaged around 25-65 players each season. Over $450 USD in donations. Over 4,700 u
  2. Here's the addons list for (most) servers, Since y'all spammed my DMs about them. And I'm sorry to the people that I was rude too, I just didn't feel like talking to anyone since I kept getting harassed for being transgender, and misgendered. Oh and if you don't know my pronouns, I'm a She/Her, :). LMK if I need to add any addons to the list. Skript skBee Skellet skQuery skRayFall TuSke MorkazSK Skript-DB
  3. Figure out how to use MySQL lol, It should be self explanatory if you search up "MySQL Tutorial".
  4. I'm leaving the Minehut Network after my last server DawnGN, So I decided to give you guys my Skripts that I have made (except ones for DawnGN), Enjoy them EDITED because file.io deleted the folders AbyssGN https://mega.nz/folder/BUdz2SIB#eDcH2v_p_bieC2RMDcPDEw AuroraPR https://mega.nz/folder/BUdz2SIB#eDcH2v_p_bieC2RMDcPDEw BlazeGens https://mega.nz/folder/BUdz2SIB#eDcH2v_p_bieC2RMDcPDEw DemonFarms https://mega.nz/folder/BUdz2SIB#eDcH2v_p_bieC2RMDcPDEw EliteGN https://mega.nz/folder/BUdz2SIB#eDcH2v_p_bieC2RMDcPDEw
  5. Thanks! I've been waiting for this for a long time You saved me tons of time rewriting my cores.
  6. not changed fork for skript-db or not added MongoSk ;(
  7. The current fork of skript-db doesn't allow you to use local variables in it's async effect shown below execute "DELETE FROM AuroraGens_Locations WHERE uuid=%{_uuid}%" in {gens::sql_database} send last sql error if last sql error is set The Govindass fork of skript-db fixes this (https://github.com/Govindass/skript-db).
  8. Could you guys use this fork of skript-db (https://github.com/Govindass/skript-db) instead of the current fork? It has so many fixes like local variables being usable in the effect below execute "sql query" in {database} and store in {_data::*} That'd be pretty poggers
  9. hi literally all of my posts are just requests / server reports etc but pls change the skript-db fork y'all use to this one. https://github.com/Govindass/skript-db it fixes the issue with local variables being unusable for it's sql queries
  10. pls add mondosk please my highly inflated ego needs it please i will love you i give you money i gave minehut $110 so far https://github.com/Romitou/MongoSK
  11. necro poster smh @ThatOneSponk can we get a channel lock?
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