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  2. I would like to apologize for the lack of information coming from me lately regarding Minehut19; the community is due for a progress update on what I am currently working on.When I started working on Minehut19 I had several ideas on how it should be fun and more exciting, and I decided to go with the most impressive one as I believe it'll be worth it in the long run. StrategyMinehut19 will have a learning curve, and while the first couple floors will be simple, you will eventually get your butt kicked, forcing you to go back and improve your gear and skills. Am I done yet?To be completely honest, I do not know when Minehut19 will be ready, every day brings a load of new tasks. There are still many mobs on the list, many items, several bosses, many mechanics unfinished. At the end of the day, I want to release when I truly believe Minehut19 is a fun and rewarding experience for players.While I cannot accurately say when I'll be ready for release yet, I believe a rough estimate places Minehut for late April or early May. Please understand that this could change depending on how I feel about the content as it approaches completion. Is there anyway to big up progress? Yes!! I am currently working on trying to improve the current 3 interesting games I have already made, Including making a new game. I am always trying to look for trust worthy builder's and skripter's! If you'd like to help out just message me on discord! FadelessBanjo#5739 I'll make a new dev blog about what I'm doing with the other games soon!
  3. Hello everyone, welcome to the first official devlog. Here, We'll start posting devlogs every non and again and they'll contain information about features, how they'll work and some things we're planning for the future. Devlogs may contain code snippets, sneak-peaks, etc. Let's start! ▶ Game's I have been working on the game's for a very long time now. I recently was able to finally finish the queue thanks to a minehut support member @DependencyJr! I'm going to forces on starting and ending the games of SlideShow & ChefRules. I feel like I'm closer then EVER to finally making the server public and hoping it's worth the work for it. ▶ Milestones When the server is to hit certain Milestones (Reaching certain marks on how many player's have joined) I'd be happy to make public the skript's that help make the server/games work. When I make the server public I want to at least reach 20 player's ▶ Server (How it's going) So there's currently alot of plugins and skript's installed in the server. I am trying to help make the server use less and less power/ram/usage so I doesn't cause to much lag as well as just randomly crashing. I am saving all the skript's all time when I'm adding in any small changes I do incase something bad happens to the server. So far that's all I have to say. Thank you for reading and can't wait to see you all soon!
  4. While we understand that certain things can annoy you or ruin your gameplay experience, it's best when providing Suggestions and Feedback that you keep your posts in a cool, calm, and collected manner. If your post is driven by anger, contains curse words, attacks users/staff, blames users, or you feel the need to put [RANT] or [RAGE] in the title - then it's probably best you hold off for a bit and edit it later on before posting. Our ability to know what users want is dependent upon this section, angry or distracted posts help nobody and will commonly end up in either a flame war or locked. On our server [Hosted by minehut - https://minehut.com] we always try our best to keep things working when new versions come to minehut or when our games seem to not work, So please make everyone's lives easier, don't rage and post. Thanks!

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