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What should I do in skript


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So i'm a beginner, but still have a bit of knowledge about Skript, Guis, Scoreboards, And custom commands. But since i'm UN-creative I don't know what to do in Skript, its 3 AM for me so and I don't plan to do what weak people do so what should I make. 

World's biggest bruh moment ngl

I did the cha cha slide with a retired staff member (Ceppy) and spiderlogical. And not only that me and someone else made a spinning fidget spinner



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Hay! Our minehut channel makes alot of videos on how to skript stuff! Every Time I watch it, it give's me alot of cool ideas!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIpzRWdgO_I&list=PL34SSaSWNChTFvDSspJ56Tvm5sH4sS4mn 

Also I suggest having any discussions about skript in the skript category 😉

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