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  1. Ok so, Some people know that I've done this before. BUT that was a really bad one and I want to make a actual good introduction so here we go. I've been playing minehut since 2016 August, 3 years. Most people don't know me mostly because I change my name every millisecond My IGN: shawnb0at some people know me for doing weird stuff in lobbys and just messing around in lobby, Skills: Learning Skript, intermediate command block dude, and that is pretty much it. By every millisecond I mean in my 3 years of having my minecraft account I've changed my name is 22 times, recent names were _capitalist and __communist_ so Ask me anything lol I dunno man
  2. So i'm a beginner, but still have a bit of knowledge about Skript, Guis, Scoreboards, And custom commands. But since i'm UN-creative I don't know what to do in Skript, its 3 AM for me so and I don't plan to do what weak people do so what should I make.
  3. So I've had this problem when I tried to go into the server panel but never actually going into it, its always this spinning minehut logo, I dont know why this is happening.
  4. I know someone did this already recently but, that was more of what are you thankful for, not grateful of a person
  5. good, good. I have one too lil cousins here so yeah
  6. I am pretty good, cant put 2 pictures on my signature but im good other wise
  7. I've made this my little tradition on every forums I've been to, so go ahead, say how you've been feeling!
  8. Ryan is pretty cool, me and him hosted an unofficial talent show a few times
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