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Skript Comission: Can you create a few commands for me? (you'll get credit)


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Hello people!

So I am creating this action/adventure gamemode, and I need some way for players to unlock "warp points" when they reach designated areas.

I've already thought through how this might be possible, so here's the set of commands I want done(If one of you skripters makes these, I'll be sure to credit you in my game 😄).

/settravelpoint <travelpoint name>

(Administrators use this command to set a travel point so that when a player reaches it, they can return to it using /travel <travelpoint name>. Only people with OP have permission to use this.)

/deltravelpoint <travelpoint name>

(Administrators use this to delete travel points. Only people with OP can use this command.)

/travel  <travelpoint name>

(Players use this command to warp to the "travel points" they have unlocked so far. Travel points are unlocked by going within a 3 block radius of a travel point set by the administrator. Anyone can use this command.)

/travel list

(Lists all of the travel points unlocked by the player. Anyone can use this command.)

/travel listall

(Like the travel command but it lists all the travel points created. Only people with OP can use this command)


I'd really appreciate it if someone made these! I've already scoured the internet for plugins or skripts that do this, and I haven't had any luck(after all, this is kind of specific). If you decide to work on this, let me know if anything is unclear. Thanks!



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