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Anti-Hack Plugin made with Skript


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Enjoy the plugin! (Do not use this in like a competition or say that you own this)


# Anti Hack Plugin Made by Skripterize/Sculkk #

every tick:
 loop all players:
  if loop-player's flight state is true:
   if loop-player's gamemode is survival or adventure:
    ban loop-player
    broadcast "&c%loop-player% &7has been banned by &c&lCONSOLE for hacking! &7&o(Fly Hacks)"

# this will ban the player if he has fly hacks #

every tick:
 loop all players:
  set loop-player's walking speed to 0.2
# ok now this sets the player's speed so they wont have a movement speed hack (this might not work i haven't tested it # also i require it to be set on 0.2 always thats the normal speed but if you want to change it you can always #

on damage:
 if {_cooldown} is not 0.3 or 0.2 or 0.1:
  set {_cooldown} to 0.3
  wait 0.3 seconds
  set {_cooldown} to 0.2
  wait 0.3 seconds
  set {_cooldown} to 0.1
  wait 0.3 seconds
  set {_cooldown} to 0
  if {_cooldown} is 0.3 or 0.2 or 0.1:
   cancel event
# this will make so the player cant cheat with fast clicking if it dosn't contact me on minehut forums https://forums.minehut.com/profile/1042569-stevemaster367/ #

on first join:
 if player's inventory is not empty:
  ban player
  broadcast "&c%player% &7has been banned by &c&lCONSOLE &7for hacking! &7&o(Getting items instantly at the start)"
# this bans the player if they have an item at the start because people are really getting annoyed of hackers getting items instantly when joining (remove essentials before using this) #

# Now this command below this text are the plugin commands so dont delete them! it might cause some problems # and also if you want to add some more features feel free to add some in this file # - Skripterize / Sculkk - #

command /antihack [<text>] [<player>] [<text>]:
  if player is op:
   if arg-1 is "banlist":
    make console execute "/gamerule sendCommandFeedback true"
    loop 250 times:
     send "&c" to player
    make player execute "/banlist"
    wait 0.1 seconds
    make console execute "/gamerule sendCommandFeedback false"
   if arg-1 is "ban":
    ban arg-2
    broadcast "&c%arg-2% &7has been banned by &c%player% &7for hacking! &7&o(%arg-3%)"
   if arg-1 is "reload":
    send "&aReloaded config."
   if arg-1 is "version":
    send "&c&lANTI - HACK"
    send "&8--------------"
    send "&cVersion &7::: &fv1"
  if arg-1 is "help":
   send "&c&lANTI - HACK"
   send "&8--------------"
   send "&cCommands&7: &f/antihack version - /antihack banlist - /antihack ban - /antihack reload - /antihack help"
   send "&cYou do not have the required permissions to do this command!"

# Would you like to join the club? join here! https://forums.minehut.com/clubs/1321-skriptify/ #

# Want more plugins or scripts? contact me on https://forums.minehut.com/profile/1042569-stevemaster367/ #

# ============================================================= #

# Now this is the last part here you can create any of your commands you want to add # Examples / command example: / every tick: / you can see more examples up because you can see on how to make more scripts enjoy the plugin! # / Skripterize /

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