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A griefer's guide to protecting your server


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1. Survival Servers


Types of griefs you'll have to watch out for:

-Fire/Burn griefs

-TNT/Creeper griefs

-Block breaking griefs

-Cobble monster griefs

-Lava curtain griefs

-Block spam griefs


What you can do to prevent each grief:

-Fire/Burn griefs - Turn fire tick off or install a land claim plugin that is simple to use for the players and also rock solid.

-TNT/Creeper griefs - To protect spawn from creepers, turn mobgriefing off, it'll affect the whole server, but who wants their house blown up by a creeper? no one.

If you just world guard spawn and don't protect from these types of griefs, griefers can lure creepers into your spawn and blow them up, or build tnt cannons that move the tnt into the world guarded region. Again, get a land claiming plugin, the standard one with the golden shovel is very rock solid and even stops urorthodox griefing methods like sand shooters.

-Block breaking griefs - This is the simplest type of grief to protect from, just get the golden shovel land claiming plugin or redprotect and you should be fine, world guard does a good job at protecting spawn from this grief and most other griefs too, but you have to turn off more than just block breaking and building.


-Cobble monster griefs - One of the most devastating types of griefs, it's quite slow, but if all you've got is a build, pvp, break world guard, your server is gonna end up looking something like this:



I cannot say this enough, get the gold shovel land claiming plugin, it almost completely stops all kinds of griefs, you can use worldguard, but then you need to disable:


-Block breaking

-Liquids (even ones that are placed outside the region and then flow in, do /server megared or /server tiniserver for examples of worldguard servers that i griefed with liquids)

-Explosions (not just tnt, creepers too)

-Pvp (If you want to)


Even if you do all of that, you can still get griefed by sand shooters and flooding machines, which is why I think world guard doesn't really work well with survival servers, use a more rock solid plugin.


Block spam griefs - Just disable block placement.


Conclusion - Even if you have rock solid plugins, players could still surround the spawn area with cobblestone, if you want an absolutely full proof way to get prevent spawn griefs on survival servers, have the spawn high up, surround it with barriers, and make a buffer zone that stretches out atleast 100 blocks, and force players to do /wild to get out of this box, teleporting them 2,000 - 10,000 blocks away from spawn.



Creative Servers


Types of griefs you'll have to watch out for:


-Egg spam

-Lag machines

-Snow golem spam

-Minecart cannons


What you can do to prevent each grief:


-Egg spam - You don't really need to prevent this type of grief, since it doesn't do any permanent damage and is very easy to fix, you can just remove the chickens and warn/ban the player who built it.


-Lag machines - This is the most dangerous grief for creative servers, they can shutdown your server if you don't stop them. If you want to be thorough, just disable pistons, period, if you want to still be able to use pistons, but don't want your tps in the single digits, then disable glowstone, sea lanterns and redstone lamps, lag machines that don't use any of those are much harder to make and/or aren't as effective, also get a clear lag plugin that removes all entities that aren't mobs and players, not just items.

The other 2 griefs are similar to egg spam, they don't do permanent damage, so you can just warn/ban the player and then easily fix the grief.


And finally, the most obvious grief that works on every server is the /op grief, just don't op random people or even give them creative if they're not supposed to have it.


If your server is meant to be private, then TURN WHITELIST ON, I've seen so many servers that get griefed or raided because they don't do this, and instead just afk with all their stuff on them/in the chests, if you afk, you keep the server open for griefers and spawn killers to log in and destroy your world


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