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  1. ah yes the white theme that fucking hurts my eyes
  2. update this plugin boomers Current Version: 2.0.0-MH New Version: 2.0.4 https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/skript-addon-vixio-the-best-discord-addon-on-the-market.34360/download?version=307402
  3. How about making them do addition? You can do simple skript to do this
  4. this power can be abused to destory the server
  5. the button is for demonstration purposes only doof
  6. How would this work? If you have them panel access, and give them permissions, they can actually destroy your server
  7. umm just no. Just makes more hassle by creating more scams on minehut
  8. oh your back. see I always said "unresign" and you did. +100^10
  9. hijacking posts are not allowed on the post, like keep the post on topic. For example: Player I: add this plugin <link>, it will make minehut better Player II: +1 Player III: add this pls Player IV (mod): we will add this Player V: I need help with my server Player II: don't make this off topic Player VI: why isn't 1.x working?
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