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  1. nah they are non-existent virtual currency how to get op on all servers???
  2. why are you paying 20% extra just for a one time payment for credits? this is extortion for teens that don’t have a credit card, and rely on pre-paid cards. Tbh they should get rid of subscription based credits because I don’t think no one will pay for credits every month and no other server host have a subscription based payments for credits/their premium currency.
  3. what’s also bad that they removed the mod that did it
  4. cool your document did nothing but probably further antagonized the minehut staff team
  5. underrated post so i'm bumping it
  6. Spigot's early 1.16 versions contain a bug that break WAC. If you're on 1.16 and have lots of false positives, make sure to use an up to date version of Spigot and it should be fixed. disclaimer on the top of the page
  7. Mobarena - yes votifier - no
  8. please open your mind up to other server types, and stop being a smp hardliner escaping prison is a fun one
  9. buy credits for other users would be a better idea
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