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  1. why? (ik you don't like explaining but why you -1?)
  2. bot attacks will be more often
  3. Ability to purchase credits for other minehut user. Why should you add the ability to purchase other users credits, not send them? You can get alts, and make many minehut accounts, and all vote, (voting gives 25 credits) and send the credits to another minehut account. Also, this can be abused, by hacking into someone else's account and transfer the credits to the attacker's (or anyone's) account. Why do you want this feature to be added? Well, Imagine a 13-15 year old, does not have a bank account/paypal, and want to take donations. Instead of a hassle to get a paypal/bank account, the player can accept donations of $5, $10, $25, & $50. This will support the creator+minehut. The picture below is like an example
  4. Some legacy plugins work on 1.14, such as permissionsex.
  5. this plugin is from 2012, doubt that it will be added.
  6. killergotrekt


    Minehut may not add premium plugins w/ out the plugin author's permission, you might as well recreate it in skript. Requesting Lock
  7. i want legit ideas pls
  8. Server Ideas needed currently have no plans
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