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Help Needed !



How do i kick people from my minehut server ? im using a free one so not too sure . 

People jus randomly joins my server , i cannot do commands like /kick , they say smth about contacting the Server administrator for permission and stuff but im the one who host / created the server so its kinda odd how i cant kick people

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do "/whitelist on" and then player won't join the server unless You added them to whitelist.

In order to add them do "/whitelist add { player name}".

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1 hour ago, SupremeGosu said:

it doesn't work

it shows me a prompt : I'm sorry , but you do not have permission to perform this command, please contact the server administrator if you believe this is an error .


but im the one who created this server ;.;

To be able to use admin commands, you need to OP yourself using your server's Dashboard by going to the Appearance tab -> Send console command and typing op YourName


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