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how to promote yourself in your server



i have made myself op but i dont know how to promote myself to a higher perm( i am the host/owner of the server). when i type in chat /permissionsex:promote my username. than there stands you dont have enough permission . So my question is how do i promote myself to a higher perm.

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Hello! On the panel, enter the following into the command box.

pex user <your in game name> add *

After adding this, you'll be able to execute pex commands 🙂 

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also make sure to set Your groups first, and then doing the command^^

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Hi there! I would suggest using luckperms (LP) instead of PEX as PEX has more issues and is a little less reliable. If you want to try out LP and not sure how to start, I suggest looking at a few tutorials online, or you can dm me on Discord and I can help you out there.


Some tutorials [or just search luckperms on youtube for some other ones as well. I picked these 2 out since they are more recent than the other ones.]

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