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how can i know is my server trash?


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so i started making a survival server about 2 month already, but i never get more then 20 (now i cant even get more then 10 naturally) and i really tried a lot of way to make player stay, like making new spawn and some cool item on join, but things didt get better. and i know one day if there are no new player, most old player will also leave if they already played most content

uh, as title, how can i know is my server trash + if its trash how can i make it better

and idk can i post a link to my server's ad(also on minehut forums) here

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Personally, it all comes down to customization for me. Using stock plugins and stock builds aren’t going to interest a lot of players, while custom making it yourself, or hiring someone else to do it, really catches a player’s eye.

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Make sure to add custom futures to Your server. Maybe playtime rewards. Chance of getting something good from mining. Skills. Its all plugins and make players stay a lot more

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