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I played on an SMP a few hours ago and I forgot to save the name and i forgot the name! the smp has /rtp, /tpa (username) ranks such as the helper rank and mod rank, and a level system that you can level up by talking in the chat, it shows your health above your name as well as the level, and it wil llet you know by your name if you have disconnected or not. in the name, it has SMP at the end in the name. also, when you first join the server, you are in a big lobby where you get in a nether protal to join the world. please help. a person i KNOW i played on it with was soemoen named c0rruptpineapple also, when you first. my name is __chantal. help.

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Unfortunately, there isn't a way to easily identify the server you were playing on as those characteristics apply to a lot of servers. You can try using the command /find with anyone on the server, and that can maybe help you.

Sorry about this inconvenience.

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Hey there,

To find a server you have played on before but forgot the name of, you can try looking at your Minecraft chat logs. To view your logs, follow these steps.

1. Press windows + r.
2. Search "%appdata%" and press enter.
3. Click on your .minecraft folder which is shown there.
4. Go to the folder named "logs".
5. Click on your latest.log. Search in your latest logs for the server!

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