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[MINEHUT EVENT] How to get the Gold Name.


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Recently, Minehut has released a new event called Spring Break, sponsored by Logitech and Heroes of Goo Jit Zu, and with that new event is a new addition to the Lobby, a castle made from sandstone with a hidden treasure inside, and whoever finds the treasure gets an exclusive gold name that'll last until April 4th.

So, if you're interested, log onto Minehut and turn right, you'll see a castle in the distance with a billboard next to it, claiming if you find a secret Gold Room you get an Gold name.

(This is where it changes with users who are ranked and who are unranked...)

(If Ranked): Fly up to the tallest tower and drop down, you'll see the Gold Room at your feet.

(If Unranked): You'll have to do some maneuvering, parkour, for example will most likely be your greatest threat.


Happy Hunting.

I am no way affiliated with Minehut's Event team.

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