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so i made a dupe server but you can only do 50 dupes 

command dupe:
        if {dupecount::%player%} >= 50:
            send "&cYou cant dupe anymore use /limitdupe!"
            console command "pex user %player% add limit.dupe" #This is just another dupe if you want it say
        else if {dupecount::%player%} < 50:
            if player is holding barrier:
                send "You cant dupe a barrier lol" to player
            else if player is not holding barrier:
                give player player's tool
                add 1 to {dupecount::%player%}
on join:
    if {dupecount::%player%} is not set:
        set {dupecount::%player%} to 0 #this has to be in to check if the dupe count is not set and it will set it to 0 if u dont put it, it wont work!


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uh i did it wrong
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You now you don't need to set the variable to 0 on join for it to work. If you add 1 to a variable that is not set, it automatically gets set to 1. 

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