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Prefix Skript (open source)

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This skript is 100% free to use, no need to credit me! The available commands are:

- /prefix set <prefix> - Sets the player's prefix

- /prefix on - Toggles the prefix on

- /prefix off - Toggles the prefix off

command /prefix [<text>] [<text>]:
    permission: prefix.use
    permission message: &cYou need &8[&bJesus&6+&8] &cto execute this!
        if arg 1 is "set":
            if arg 2 is set:
                if arg 2 contains "&k":
                    send "&8[&bPrefix&8] &bYour prefix contains an &3& k! &bPlease use another prefix!"
                    set {prefix.%player%} to colored arg 2
                    set {prefixtoggled.%player%} to true
                    send "&8[&bPrefix&8] &bYou have set your prefix to: %colored arg 2%&b!"
        if arg 1 is "on":
            if {prefixtoggled.%player%} is false:
                set {prefixtoggled.%player%} to true
                send "&8[&bPrefix&8] &bYou have enabled your prefix successfully!"
                send "&8[&bPrefix&8] &cThe prefix is already enabled!"
        if arg 1 is "off":
            if {prefixtoggled.%player%} is true:
                set {prefixtoggled.%player%} to false
                send "&8[&bPrefix&8] &bYou have disabled your prefix successfully!"
                send "&8[&bPrefix&8] &cThe prefix is already disabled!"
on chat:
    if {prefix.%player%} is set:
        if {prefixtoggled.%player%} is true:
            cancel event
            send "{prefix.%player%} %player%&7: &f%message%" to all players



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marking it as (open source) serves no purpose because you giving the script away makes it open source

unless you obfuscated the script


pretty neat script though, keep up the good work

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20 minutes ago, youMADison said:

When i type "/prefix set (prefix) it sets it, then i type in chat and it says "{Prefix.youmadison} youMADison: poopy


Change where it says
 send "{prefix.%player%} %player%&7: &f%message%" to all players 
in the on chat event to 
send "%{prefix.%player%}% %player%&7: &f%message%" to all players

And then it shouldn't do that.

And you shouldn't reply to posts that have been inactive for more than a month because that is necroposting and isn't allowed. 

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Hello! Please do not reply to topics that haven't been active in over a month. Thanks in advance! For future reference, please take a look at our rules.



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