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execute player command "/test" as op

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I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to achieve.

My advice would be to use SkRayFall.

on npc right click:
	send "You just clicked an NPC with ID: %event-number%"

This would be a simple solution to detect clicks.
You can code whatever you desire, that was just an example. 🙂 

Always feel free to contact me or continue this thread if you need more help




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If you have TuSKe, you can do make player execute "/npc" with permission "skript.npc". Another way you could do it is with worldguard. If you have a region by the npc, you can test if the player is in a certain region when they did the command. If they are in the region, the stuff you want happens and if they aren't, it sends a message saying you cannot do this here or something like that. Or instead of making them execute a command, just make the things that happen in the command just when you click the npc. Unless you want there to be a command that some people can do.

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