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Plugins Not Working? 1.14.3



Me and my friend started up a server, but I've been unable to set up any plugins. Worldedit, PermissionsEx, World Guard, etc. Nothing is working and I don't know why. I went to the plugins folder and they all had a symbol next to them that indicated they're not working (the line through the circle one). Bukkit was fine and so was the permissions file but nothing I had typed into the perms file was taking effect. I ended up deleting the plugins because I got frustrated but I still would really like to get them working. Any advice or help on this would be appreciated.

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5 hours ago, PandaChan said:

Make sure you've restarted (stop and start) the server after getting the plugins. 


5 hours ago, Avippy said:

Try putting your server into hibernation instead of just restarting it, You can do this by going into

Dashboard > Danger Zone > Force Stop.

Thank you, I'll try these! 

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