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I cant break bedrock


I am trying to break bedrock in my Minecraft server however after trying to do it countless times I cant get it to work then i go onto my 1 player world and i do it first time. Does minehut have a program to stop you from breaking bedrock? If so is there a way I can turn it of?

Thank you

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I have the exact same problem. It's my own server, but i can't find the option to change it, there are a lot of files i can't access. Sure i can go into creative and break the blocks, but that is not how i wanna play survival. And as long as bedrock breaking is in the vanilla game, i don't want it to be removed.

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Minehut uses the Paper server software to host servers, as Paper is more performant than Spigot and fixes most Spigot/Minecraft bugs (such as tnt duping and bedrock breaking in survival)

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