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  1. I was told that you can only download my sever if it is less than 100 mb. Is Minehut trying to fix it?
  2. Is minehut trying to fix it.
  3. If i get the paid version of minehut would i by able do download it
  4. I have. Also I had already watched that.
  5. I am trying do download my server world and when ever I try do to /dl world world it says that it failed and when i went on my other server it worked. What can i do.
  6. How long should it take to fix
  7. When ever I do /dl world world it says that it failed. What should I do?
  8. Is there a way I can turn the bug fixing. Also I have a tnt duper and it works.
  9. I am trying to break bedrock in my Minecraft server however after trying to do it countless times I cant get it to work then i go onto my 1 player world and i do it first time. Does minehut have a program to stop you from breaking bedrock? If so is there a way I can turn it of? Thank you
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