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♦ Offering Completely Custom Skripts ♦


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  • Easy Script = $0.50 per 100 lines (EX: Simple commands such as /help, /spawn, /home. Or simple features like tablist) (Everyone gets 1 free easy script if it's less than 75 lines)
  • Medium Script = $0.75 per 100 lines (EX: Sidebar, GUI's, Rankups, etc)
  • Hard Script = $1.25 per 100 lines (EX: Custom mine resets, fully fledged minigames, core fundamentals of a server)

My work:

     I've created some popular servers in the past here on Minehut, I've made some servers such as "Rale", "Sanction", "Anvil", and so on, overall I've made more than $500 from Minehut and can say I have experience working with skript. And for the skript challenge that Minehut hosted I was able to create a spleef minigame within 3 hours (https://pastebin.com/MWewhBM6), the spleef script could be much better still, but I found the fact I made it in ~3 hours good.


     You can contact me on Discord at Riley#9202 or if you do not have Discord you can contact me via the forums. If you'd like to vouch for me go ahead and leave a comment!



     [None yet]

💬 » Discord: @eliza#1414

🖥 » Twitch: @reportcardsmc

📃» Maker Profile: @plugin-labs

💻 » Project(s): Star

Hello, I'm Eliza or also known as ReportCards, I create servers and make Discord bots

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