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Private SMP Got Hacked and Griefed


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Today, a player under the username HoeThassJames came into our private survival multiplayer server and burned down all of our buildings. He proceeded to blow everything up with TNT. We believe that he was hacking, as he was invisible and flying. Is it possible for us to get a rollback on our server? At the very least, we would like HoeThassJames to be permanently banned. We have spent many hours during this quarantine playing on this server, and it has become a safe, fun, and interactive place for us. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
Our IP address is: YENNTAI.minehut.gg
Our usernames are: pineapplesnot, clebpenguin, yenntai
I've attached pictures below to show evidence.
Thank you.







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First of all I'm sorry to hear that what kept you occupied over the pandemic was in some way destroyed. However you should have this posted in reports for better support with this problem.

 For future reference I'd recommend turning on whitelist (/whitelist on) if you haven't already and then adding yourself to the whitelist (/whitelist add [Playername])

 I would also highly recommend the plugin CoreProtect as it allows you toll rollback manually yourself.

I hoped this feedback helped and hopefully everything gets sorted out 🙂

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Dang its almost as if the server wasn't private players don't just get into servers. Next time whitelist and on your panel check that you want it to be unlisted. If you don't have CoreProtect then sorry you can't rollback. I would recommend installing it and if you don't know how to use it google commands for it, find a guide and it will walk you through. Minehut doesn't save backups nor can the staff do anything.

If you wish to report the player report: Here

The evidence shown here is insouciant because there is no proof of it being the user you named. CoreProtect can get you that information. Just another reason to use it. 

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Hey! As everyone else previously stated, I recommend making a report here. Be sure to include any video evidence of the grief occurring that you may have. I also recommend installing CoreProtect for rollbacks. To prevent necroposting, I'm going to go ahead and lock this post.


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