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Player Report Format

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When reporting a violation of the Minehut rules, please consider the following.

NOTICE: If you are reporting an offense such as griefing, please provide either a recording of the incident or a screenshot of admission (Screenshot MUST be taken in the lobby). 

ALSO NOTICE: Both the player and server report sections are both NOT the correct areas to report a Minehut Staff Member. If you have an issue with a Minehut Staff Member, you can find a link to the Minehut Staff Manager's forum profile here or you could contact him through Discord at filr#9999.


If you post a false-report, you may risk a forum ban.

Also, keep in mind, that cropped/edited evidence will NOT be accepted! So please provide uncropped/unedited evidence in your report.

Player Report Format

Player’s Username:



Additional Info:

Click here to report a player! Make sure you follow the format listed above!

Minehut Senior Moderator

Head of Reports/Appeals


Discord: Kailum#0184


[LEGEND] 2017

[JR.MOD] 28/04/19

[MOD] 28/07/19

[SR.MOD] 01/09/19





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