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Ask for any skript.


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15 minutes ago, LoveQux said:



Like, when you pvp with people and if you hit them, then it will show how many hearts they have left above on their head. /wild you prob know, teleports to a random place in the world

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A skript that lets me change the chat format depending on team .  . Also a way to have it show the nickname and not the player name. Im stupid


Also a skript that lets me make holographic text because I cant get the plugin. Im still stupid

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CAn I please have a usefull voting skript?
Like this: Skript - Voting System (Event) * Every 3 hours * - You can vote for the events with the command "/vote": - A chest with good stuff (say the coordinates too) - Coal - Eco all (Coins - 5 Coins+) - Redstone - Eco give all 1200 - Iron - Booster (Speed 30m or strenght 50m) Emerald & diamond End crystal: Time for the next event. Inventory gui screenshot: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/733712060055158876/734554363875426324/unknown.png

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umm can i please have a:





and also a voucher thing where if ppl right click then they can redeme a rank or money or tokens

Skript (all seperate)


dm me on discord once u have done them @ _78z_#0652



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