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  1. So, my minehut server keeps shutting off mere minutes after turning it on, into hibernation, while I'm online in my server. It's obvious how this is a problem, but it's weirder, because it's only sometimes for a few days at a time. Any ideas? .-.
  2. I was using `` as a substitute for "
  3. So not much people join my server. It's been annoying so I decided to try Advertising! So I typed this in chat ``> /join SkyMineXXX`` but Oh No!!! My messages keep getting blocked! It's let me type that exact thing in the past and other people are doing it for different servers. So is there any reason why I can't?
  4. So I have Skript & TuSKe and I was wondering... Is it possible to open GUI's from within a GUI?
  6. Hello! So I was thinking of getting a server plan and I was wondering... `What plugins should I get?` But I don't know what the different skript addons do and since yous are smarter than me I'm now asking yous what skripts I should get
  7. A skript that lets you assign commands to specific item names
  8. I didnt make this but command /setspawn: permission: Inferiun.staff permission message: &9Permissions> &7You do not have permission to do that. trigger: set {global.survival.spawn} to player's position send "&9Spawn> &7The Global Survival Spawn has been set." command /spawn: trigger: set {_waitedcommandspawn} to difference between {spawn.teleport.%player%.lastused} and now if {_waitedcommandspawn} is less than 30 seconds: message "&9Recharge> &7You cannot use this com
  9. Thx I changed it to team Night & Day btw (I nick myself Night×Day)
  10. I didnt know there was such thing as skunity . . But also thx
  11. I have skript but I'm not very good at it, so I'm asking yous because I'm stupid because you're better at skript than me. So, here's a list of skripts I want . . . . Also I might add some more Super Vanish- A skript that's pretty much super vanish Block Break Speed Changer- A way to make certain blocks take longer/less time to mine. And if possible make it based on the world, although that might not be possible Breakable bedrock- Pretty self-explanatory Team Based Chat Change- This means a way to change the chat format based on team. Nickname Chat Change- Thi
  12. I didnt create this skript btw- Options: Discord: &bCHANGE ME #You can change this to your discord command /Discord: trigger: message "" message "{@Discord}" message ""
  13. A skript to make bedrock breakable and/or a skript to change the time it takes to mine a block
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