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Set a player's world


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Hello! I have a custom map set as my Lobby, but it keeps on going to the original world. I fix this by setting a warp and make it run the /warp command, but the problem is I don't wan't players to have the ability to warp. I there any way to do this?


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Just now, Guest Wynandus said:

Add a permission or just do: /setworlspawn, /setspawn, /mvsetspawn

I mean a way to send players to a certain world when they join, not to the the spawnpoint. The permission thing could work, and I will try it, but if there is a way to have a direct way to send a player to the world, that would be great

(e.g on join: 

 send player to world "ul_Lobby"

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8 hours ago, OMan100 said:

on join:

   if player isn't in world "world":

      teleport player to world "world"


It gives me this error message(note: ul_Lobby is my Lobby world)

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