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Allowed Modifications


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Some of you have been asking questions regarding allowed/disallowed modifications. So I will go over some.

What is and isn't allowed.

Client Performance Modifications.

These are allowed, they improve your client but do not give you a advantage in game.

Aesthetic Mods.

These modifications allow you to change the look and feel of the game. Keep in mind that making non-transparent blocks transparent is fully bannable.

Heads Up Displays.

These modifications show your health effects and armor status, keep in mind that minimaps are bannable.

Disallowed Modifications.

Anything that gives a player any advantage in the came, such as macros, autoclickers, etc. Modifications that give you hacks such as reach, killaura, and etc are also disallowed.

Allowed Modifications.

Armor Status, Effect Status, etc.

See HUD mods for info.

Animation Mods.

Orange's 1.7 Animations.

Change animations, but do not give any advantage whatsoever. 


Records your screen.



Contains a variety of useful mods. This does not include hacked clients.


The StarUltra server does not endorse any of these mods whatsoever. 

Due to the fact that we cannot track every single mod ever, every single modification used on our server is use at your own risk. This means we have all rights to ban you even if it is allowed on this list. 











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