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  1. How does this work? Does it create a new world, or if we have a world already named for example "ACoolWorld" (world folder name) and we change the level name to "ACoolWorld", does it make a new world or does it set ACoolWorld as the default server's world?
  2. I'm having the same problem, this is my a skymining server I'm working on however, and whitelist is **ON** If you could come check it'd mean a lot, if you give me your username I'll pop it on my whitelist users in my server. Thanks.
  3. What can I use, plugins or anything, to create my very own Minecraft Sky Mining Prison Server? And also how can I generate a world that is pure entirely void so It can be like a sky mining server? Please answer my question soon as possible. Thank you! Regards, Relly2K.
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