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  1. Maybe I asked for something too complicated, sorry if it is
  2. Can you make a skript where when people equip a piece of armor it takes a number from the lore of the armor like "15 defence" and it would add 15 defence to {%player%defence}. And when the player takes damage, damage would be calculated like this: {%player%defence} divided by {%player%defence} +100, then that percent would be the damage reduction percent. Sorry that this post is difficult to understand.
  3. What do you think are the actual chances this will last the year?
  4. Yeah, but the main thing I'm going for here is not that they'll earn a bazillion dollars, but that they will apply to help build an awesome server.
  5. Mystether is a new Role Playing Game server currently in the alpha stage of development. When finished, it will compose of a variety of floating islands split into four different biomes/quadrants including: The Northern Tundra, Sand Wastes, A currently unnamed jungle quadrant, and Crater seas. I'm looking for competent Builders to aid with the building of islands, dungeons, and various other structures. While I can't pay you, you will get to be a part of this project that will eventually transform into a great playing experience for all who join. If you want to join me to create this server,
  6. Yes, I know that this has already been suggested and I'll try not to post on a topic that's already been posted, but it was the only way to introduce a poll to this topic. Here's a link to the topic:
  7. Thanks, I think it would be cool if the layers could be randomised for a more natural and wild feel.
  8. Thanks for the Feedback! I'm kinda just starting out at skript so thanks for your suggestion. Just a quick question, does the revised version actually make the skript more efficient or just less messy? Thanks.
  9. Yes! This would be a great plugin to add and I've already advocated for it in plugin suggestions, but the more people the better! Model Engine has amazing potential. Here's a video showcasing the capabilities of Model Engine. To avoid pointless blather by this guy, skip to halfway through the video.
  10. Hey, working on my server, thought I'd make a skript to put snow under trees since //snow just doesn't cut it. After I made it, I thought, Hey! why not share it? so I did. bettersnow.sk
  11. Well, its much better than aternos and if you only have a few plugins you can expect minimal lag. As Checkmate128 said you still need to go to the lobby and /join to start your server, but that's only a small inconvenience. Minehut will also give you a lot of the pluses that other hosts make you pay for so its good overall.
  12. Not sure why you don't use /tp (player), but here you go! playerloc.sk
  13. Hi, recently I've been creating an RPG server and I thought I'd share a skript. What this script does is if the second line of the lore of your equiped armour contains "Smashing Leap" and you toggle shift, you leap forward in a big arc and land with an explosion damaging all nearby mobs. The skript's still a little buggy so it doesn't always work properly, but here you go! smasharmour.sk
  14. Sure, link can be found at: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/conxeptworks-model-engine—ultimate-entity-model-manager-1-14-1-16-3.79477/ Though it would be nice if the paid version was available :-). But even with the free version, ModelEngine holds enormous potential.
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