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  1. Unfortunately, I cannot find you on the ban list. Therefore i cannot unban you. I would suggest PMing Steve1020. Im sorry i could not help you.
  2. Definitely. Wot wot. Everyone please get on the ball, Rally at Star. -Nick
  3. Im a moderator on StarUltra, I think its fair to unban you now, What is your IGN?
  4. Happy thanksgiving guys! Have a good day!
  5. Im a moderator on starultra, Who is your friend?
  6. I think McThistle2 is my favorite, He is very helpful.
  7. If you saw someone cheating, Please PM a staff member, If you have Video / Image Evidence please include that in your message. Thank your for reporting.
  8. If you have been Banned or Muted, PM A staff member, Answer these in your messages. Was i cheating: Who banned me: What Hacks did i use: (Your message) Thank you for appealing, But there is no Gaurantee you will be Unmuted/Banned.
  9. Hello, Obviously not everyone can be a staff member, So im limiting it to Only people on forums are Eligible to apply, Unless i say otherwise, If you want to apply for staff PM me, Our current available positions are Helper and Trainee, You are not gauranteed to be Accepted onto the team. Good luck,
  10. Yo, can you try to update QualityArmory? Just asking, And good job!
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