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  1. Don’t have one Can someone make me a /suggest skript?
  2. I guess Can someone make me a skript that turns ores into bedrock and they get a specific item?
  3. I can here it is (P.S I cant add the do not move thing but I added something else! command /Spawn: trigger: teleport player to location(x, y, z, world) send title "Sending you To spawn!" to player send subtitle "&aHave Fun!"
  4. Ohhhh By The Way there has to be a comma before “world”
  5. It doesn’t work can you write it for me?
  6. Can you just right it for me I tried but I failed
  7. can you make me one but it teleoprts the player to 323 171 700 ??? @_Tarna_
  8. No haven’t can someone make me a leaderboard skript?
  9. Can you make me a leaderboard skript for top kills? My dis Th3UnknownShadow#3445
  10. Man you selling these? GARBAGE
  11. Can anyone help me with a compass skript like in minehut when you right click the compass it opens a GUI and you can teleport to that place?
  12. Can you make me a /sell skript and a currency system? For the /sell it sells all the ores in your inventory and then a currency system where you can do /shop ? I will customize
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