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  1. The only way I can think of is to make it never rain.
  2. One, You don't need BIG font. It annoys everyone. Two, He was already answered
  3. What do you mean by you "used seed"?
  4. No. Minehut servers are premium only, meaning that launchers such as t-launcher do not work
  5. Hey there, set the difficulty in Settings tab and restart your server
  6. ztimhirsch1

    World Transfer

    Hey there, you need to make the world your default world so it uses the playerdata from that world Default world - To change your default world go into Settings. You will see "World Name" or something similar. Change it to the name of the world that you added (ul_name) and restart your server
  7. Is there a error when trying
  8. Tarna have you made a bug report of this? Lots of people have said it happened to them.
  9. It is dupe fixes. It blocks riding animals to stop people from duping with them
  10. You should request it to be unfiltered on the meta discord
  11. Hey there. Minehut has been having some connection issues today and many others also have this high ping
  12. Minehut in general has been laggy lately, I have also been having this problem.
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