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  1. A bot on the discord Why is this still going?
  2. No problem, make sure to react if I helped you.
  3. Go in the settings and set the world to the name of your world
  4. Why would it be different on mscbook?
  5. At no point did he say anything about his console having issues
  6. Bro why the hell would you tell him to reset his world. Just do /minecraft:kill @e[type=oak_wood_log] or something.
  7. Did this dude just make a whole post to answer some and put it in the help section...
  8. I told ou to do this several days ago
  9. Do /worlds, Are you in the world you played on?
  10. Are you on bedrock or java. How are you trying to join? What message do you get when attempting to join?
  11. ztimhirsch1

    Compass issues

    This is a worldedit thing, either uninstall worldedit or follow these steps Go into the worldedit config. (This can be found by going into "plugins" in the files then click "worldedit" Click Control + F Search for "navigation-wand:" in the box Change it to "navigation-wand: -1 "
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