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  1. I concur. This happened to me once, and I contacted Mojang and Microsoft and got it all figured out, but then I found a Trojan Horse on my computer. Thankfully my large set of skills includes virus protection programming, so I got it removed. In the future, try to use McAfee to prevent this from happening. Also, try a better password maybe?
  2. Dratonia


    Why, thank you.
  3. Dratonia


    When you first get minecraft, or just join a new server with a unique gameplay style, it can be awfully confusing. Thankfully, the Minecraft has an enormous amount of people who help new players in many different ways. From Youtubers who do starter videos, to people who host assisted servers, and even people who just lend a bit of a helping hand to new the new guy on the server, there are tons of people who take some time out of their day to make life easier for new players. I am thanking anyone who has done that, because I know personally that it makes the game a lot less stressful and a lot more fun!
  4. Dratonia


    I have absolutely no idea why they mute people for that sort of thing.
  5. you need to restart your game. Mojang made this as a anti-bot.
  6. Dratonia

    Private Servers

    I personally love private servers. it is a great way to play with your friends, even if you are not on the same internet network. However, lots of people make servers to use just like singleplayer worlds. This causes the server loading system to fill and cause actual servers being used for multiplayer to have to wait which is super annoying.
  7. I'm pretty sure that the only way to use a mod on a server is to use a plugin.
  8. Dratonia


    I just use the plugins. There's a good variety.
  9. I'm not sure... maybe contact the Admin?
  10. Minecrafter since the early days of alpha who loves the game and enjoys helping others.

  11. Also, it makes fighting Phantoms REALLY fun.
  12. How about a mideval roleplay server?
  13. I do not generally mess around with cheats or command blocks, but just recently, while I was tinkering around with cheats, I turned on flight while I was in survival, and it was awesome. Not only did I not take fall damage, but I was able to more easily get in and out of my quarry, and I was able to generally get around my world MUCH quicker. But my main use for it is building tall structures. Building tall buildings can be extremely dangerous in survival mode if you do not have scaffolding, and even if you do, it still presents an element of risk. And flight REALLY changes combat. It enables you to move much more quickly, get above your opponent, and, if you need to, it allows you to make a quick getaway.
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