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  1. I know basic skripting, and I can learn i guess.
  2. McFalcon


    I already deleted the server, next time I will ask you before I delete a server because this would've actually helped me. Thanks, however, this does would remove a lot of features on my server and makes it harder for players to enjoy it.
  3. Ok I want to make a farming server, i've come up with a list of plugins to make it here: Would you make any changes to what plugins I have? 1 Buycraft (Tebex) Set up automatic stores for your server. Essentials Essential commands EssentialsSpawn Setup a server spawn point. Group Manager Create permission systems. KiteBoard (Premium) All-in-one animation for scoreboard and tablist. Fully customisable. Placeholder API API which gives plugins access to variables to display. PlotSquared Give players access to their own private plots of land. Skript Modify servers through a scripting interface. Skript Addon: skRayFall Make inventory menus, quests, and more in skript. Vault Economy, Permissions, and Chat API. WorldEdit Helpful tools for building. WorldGuard Create and manage regions using this plugin.
  4. McFalcon


    I made a sky mining server, here was the list of plugins I had: https://pastebin.com/BZn67g6H
  5. but which plugins do i get for those servers to make it functional and profitable
  6. Hello so basically I had a server that relied on 36 plugins and I had to delete it because without 36 plugins, my server wouldn't be good, not to mention that deleting 24 plugins would pretty much ruin my server. Anyways, I've decided to try and make 1 more mine hut server before I move on to a different host, because mine hut does have some benefits, but if i cant make a server with 12 plugins, whats the point? I don't know what kind of server will only hold 12 plugins that's profitable on mine hut, and I don't know what plugins to get for it, since my limit is 12. I barely know how to skript too so it will be even harder. Please reply with ideas for a type of server and what plugins I should get for it. Also I will not vote for mine hut every single day of the month to get my unlimited plugins, and I will not buy any credits to get unlimited plugins, because I do not support this change.
  7. McFalcon


    I agree, I've spent 2 weeks making a server with 36 plugins and now i cant even use it cuz my server relied on all those plugins. The mods say that minehut needs money somehow, but they have ads on the panel, on their website, on the forums, and sometimes in the lobby! In addition, lots of people are getting player slots! I think they did this to get more votes, because they made a plan for unlimited plugins if you vote every single day of the month. I am going to leave minehut if they dont do something about this
  8. Help when players mine blocks, their scoreboard goes up by 2 instead of 1. Please help, here is video proof and my scoreboard-revisioned config. https://pastebin.com/hBpbrtX2 2020-04-06 17-19-12.mp4
  9. Join SkyFalcon for an amazing skymining experience you wont forget!!!!! Join now! ip: SkyFalcon.minehut.gg
  10. I literally got muted because i was advertising my server on minehut. I was obeying the 5 second chat delay and I got muted for spam. This makes no sense. I should have the right to talk every 5 seconds because there is a delay. This makes buying a rank useless because you will get muted because your obeying your chat delay yet you get punished. Minehut, fix your system. My server ip SkyFalcon.minehut.gg
  11. Yesterday my /spawn for my server worked but when i started it today, /spawn was an unknown command? Is this some kind of glitch minehut has? Is it because of a plugin I have? All the other essential commands seem to be working fine but spawn isnt working. Please help.
  12. I've spent countless hours working on this map and i've logged in today to find it RUINED. Chunks are all missing and swapped. I am the only one on this server and i have no staff. I dont have the "create your own menus" plugin. When i found my map broken, i tried to roll it back but it didn't work. I am very disappointed and in minehut because all my build progress was all done and I was about to release the server. I am very sad. Please help if there is any solution. 2020-01-13 20-38-24.mp4
  13. McFalcon

    Buycraft Help

    Im making 2 minehut servers and i want the webstore to apply for both of them. the 2 servers will have different ranks. How do i do it pls help
  14. McFalcon


    Im on 1.8 and I restarted my server twice: 2019-12-15 17-09-50.mp4
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