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    What is this

    yes o_x_7 the og!
  2. I've reset my password 5 times Ive used my bitdefender and scanned my laptop I have not contacted mojang, i need to do that Anyone know there email?
  3. So today I Was playing some fortnite yes, fortnite and i got bored so wanted to play some minehut or hypixel, and all of a sudden i join minehut it says SESSION INVALID OR EXPIRED, PLEASE RENEW NEW ACCOUNT someone tell me what the fuck does this mean cause i relogged and it says my accounts both are the wrong password i don;t know if sokmeone got my account or some shit but this is scaring me so someone for the love of god please help me
  4. I'd like to give a thanks to our beautiful artist Motionq 


    What a beautiful painting On lobby 4 on the right. 




  5. benny why are u so beautiful


    1. BennyDoesStuff


      not too sure about that one

  6. I got banned from minehut for saying a bot word lmfao what shit staff

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