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  1. Nice, you can build when not on minehut so on Builders Refuge etc?
  2. TastqHalloweenM

    Delete world

    Look around console, it is somewhere there, server properties or server settings.
  3. You can't do this on minehut. They stop the servers and put them in to hibernation otherwise unnecessary servers will be up causing network lag.
  4. When opping yourself on the console, type op (username) no slashes.
  5. Do you have Protocol Support installed on the server currently, or is it 1.14.3?
  6. I can help, I am not 100% sure of what you are aiming to do. If it is giving yourself op on the server. Then hop onto the console and type 'op (username)' in the console! If you need anything else just ask on this thread. I will help you!
  7. I'm TastqHalloween, Sadly for some reason the name was taken..?

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