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  1. Every damn time i try to play on my server, my friend and i are constantly being killed due to sharp lag increases and the game freezing. Please fix this fucking issue.
  2. Everytime I play on my private survival server, me and my friends are constantly being killed because of massive lag spikes. Please fix this or you will lose a fucking supporter.
  3. I have had issues with every command in my server, including the /help command. I can't do anything to fix this, and no commands will work, both on the minehut.com server menus, or the actual server in Minecraft. Help is very appreciated!
  4. Will I need to reboot the server to get the permissions?
  5. I tried doing the console commands thru the home menu, and when i got on i still couldn't use those commands.
  6. I started a private server, and I can't give myself permissions. I did the /OP command on the website, but that didn't work. II installed the essentials plugins. If anyone can help, that would be really appreciated
  7. So how would i use a server command to give me permissions?
  8. I decided to set up my Private server for me and my friends. I would like to make it traditional feeling, but it won't let me use commands. I have installed a few plugins, and tried the /op command from the website, but nothing has worked. If someone could help, that would be great.
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