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  1. Moved to Community Support
  2. I have so many questions about this
  3. if you're still having to issue and can't get onto the panel then: •Create a support ticket here or email then at support@minehut.com- the email will take longer to get a response so I suggest creating a support ticket at the link. Locked
  4. I believe to get a brown mooshroom you need to strike a mooshroom with lightning. To do this you can bind the command ’/pt smite (your username)’ then stand next to the mooshroom and right click with the power tool.
  5. xMuel

    xmuel cool

    no no this is incorrect
  6. Moved to Plugin Suggestions Moved
  7. xMuel

    The New Junior Mods

    Gen servers can get boring after a while, but people still find ways too make them innovative with various additions. I don’t personally enjoy them but I can understand why people could like them.
  8. xMuel

    The New Junior Mods

    Spaghetti all the way
  9. xMuel

    Sentence Game

    I don’t eat vegetables because I hate Pluto and the
  10. xMuel

    The New Junior Mods

    I am most looking forward to being able to join a sub team, and have something dedicated to work on and becoming a full time member of the staff team
  11. xMuel

    The New Junior Mods

    Cages can be good apart from being trapped in them and being fed every hour- which may be the only downside. They’re fun
  12. @Rhimithy123, please make a seperate post if you have any questions. Locked Question Answered
  13. Installing Plugins 1. Find the Plugins section in the panel and find the plugins you'd like to install 2. Click on the plugin then click the "Install" button 3. Find the World Settings tab on the left and click the Save World button 4. Go to the Home tab and stop your server (wait till the status says "offline") 5. Lastly, once your server is offline, start it back up again. Once you join it your plugins should be installed Alternatively, you can view this video • Let me know if this helps
  14. ‘ello, if your server has reset for an unknown reason- please make a support ticket here or email them at support@minehut.com. •Moved to Community Support Locked- Question Answered
  15. Moved to Community Support Locked - Question Answered
  16. Want to know something about the new wave of Junior Moderators? This is the place to be, simple comment your question and one of us will respond- or you could tag one of us if it’s specific!
  17. Appeal bans here Locked
  18. Moved to community support
  19. xMuel

    How... just how

    Question answered. Locked
  20. xMuel


    Incorrect place on forums. Thread Moved to Servers
  21. xMuel

    Sentence Game

    Sentence Game • Add ONE word into the sentence before you, feel free to add punctuation when it’s appropriate but it’s up to you! • Nothing inappropriate, keep it pg. • Let’s how long we can get this chain Ill start: I ____
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