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    Credits can be used, like mentioned above, to buy more player servers slots- which will get you more ram depending on the amount purchased, for this payments are daily. As well as this, you can purchase extra server slots for 400 credits each, which are a one time payment. Ranks can also be purchased for credits but you'll need to continue voting/buying them to have enough for them! Check out this link to purchase ranks, and here to get more player slots!
  2. FAWE will be updated once a 1.14.4 version is released.
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    Amazing server, well deserved!
  4. If you're still having this issue, then post the message that you get when you attempt to join. If you aren't having this issue anymore please let me know
  5. Please don’t necropost- posting on topics from over a month ago. Locked
  6. Somehow my body made me type this message, not sure how or why. I guess I most now post this reply.
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  8. OH my, that dog.. is quite beautiful. A corgi wizard is all the world needs
  9. No dog photo? You have missed an opportunity to showcase a floof
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    l1ttle market

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    My server

    If your server keeps stopping, try looking at the logs for an error which makes it stop. This can often be pointed out by a [ERROR] within the logs. Search for this using Ctrl F or search manually, post the error here and people will help you find a way to fix it. If you need to know how to read the logs then look at this post!
  13. Never had much time to work with you, but you’ve been an amazing Senior and I hope you do well in what you have planned next in your life. Good luck my dude!
  14. Yeah grats Ninventoo! Here’s to another year
  15. I personally would not suggest adding this because server owners have the option to remove the server from the server browser. Furthermore, since some server whitelist at a certain amount of players this would mean that they wouldn’t be in the server list just because they try and minimise lag. -1
  16. You cannot add Mods to the server as of right now, but you can add plugins by: Installing Plugins 1. Find the “Plugins" section in the panel and find the plugins you'd like to install 2. Click on the plugin then click the "Install" button 3. Find the "World Settings" tab on the left and click the "Save World" button 4. Go to the “Home" tab and stop your server (wait till the status says "offline") 5. Lastly, once your server is offline, start it back up again. Once you join it your plugins should be installed Alternatively, you can view this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUxXi5iSi7g You can also buy more ram using credits. Buy them at https://minehut.com/panel/minecraft/properties and click ‘Max Players’ then use the reference image below for more information: https://gyazo.com/ac9411c0648f93bd5df9c543d5673d2f Moved to Community Support
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    re open a server

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  21. I have so many questions about this
  22. if you're still having to issue and can't get onto the panel then: •Create a support ticket here or email then at support@minehut.com- the email will take longer to get a response so I suggest creating a support ticket at the link. Locked
  23. I believe to get a brown mooshroom you need to strike a mooshroom with lightning. To do this you can bind the command ’/pt smite (your username)’ then stand next to the mooshroom and right click with the power tool.
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