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A simple Server, With a survival world and a Roleplay world, We would appreciate it if you would check us out.

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  2. If you saw someone cheating, Please PM a staff member, If you have Video / Image Evidence please include that in your message. Thank your for reporting.
  3. If you have been Banned or Muted, PM A staff member, Answer these in your messages. Was i cheating: Who banned me: What Hacks did i use: (Your message) Thank you for appealing, But there is no Gaurantee you will be Unmuted/Banned.
  4. Hello, Obviously not everyone can be a staff member, So im limiting it to Only people on forums are Eligible to apply, Unless i say otherwise, If you want to apply for staff PM me, Our current available positions are Helper and Trainee, You are not gauranteed to be Accepted onto the team. Good luck,
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    • hey im trying to make a chat formatting skript that when you chat it shows what level you are and depending on your level your nametag turns a different color. So it would look like this but with colors. LVL 1 OWNER Cosmic:  hi

      can anyone help?

    • so this happened to me, but the console wont work because im using the multi-verse core plugin, any ideas on how to fix it?


    • Comment your discord, age, IGN, why you'd like do join, and a simple introduction.

      Removed lifesteal plugin and I am now working on a new, renewed custom item plugin with custom textures, 3d models (hopefully), and multiple unique abilities!
      Comment suggestions, if you have anything negative to say, please keep it constructive.

      Current members: 4


      If you do not intend to build, be respectful, and only want to PvP, this server is not for you! It is PvP related but at least a little casual gameplay is also expected. 



      - No griefing, stealing, or loitering without consent

      - No 3rd party advantages

      - No abusing the custom items textures

      - Be respectful

      - No gatekeeping

      - Raid, wither skeleton, and server-intensive farms are not allowed

      - No extremely harsh language

      - No tipped arrows, abusing mechanics/lag, cobwebs, or any form of explosive PvP

      - Respect the terrain, no giant pillars or anything like that!

      - Obtain items legitimately, do not bother people for gear or anything like that

      - No echest/shulker abusing for fights

      - No tp, home, base, or spawn trapping

      - Elytra in combat is banned

      - Infi-trapping is not allowed

      - Wait for the public dragon fight before you go to the end

      - Try to stay relatively active

      - Clean up after yourself (creeper holes, wither holes, etc.)

      - More rules may be added in the future



      - TPA

      - Sethome

      - Spawn teleportation

      - Trade command!

      - (A few) banned items

      - Coreprotect

      - Custom items (hopefully)

      - Anti Cheat

      - Anti Xray

      - Other QOL features!

    • page is not updating!                                                                                                                                                                  Try having good Wifi 

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