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Skript Text After Command



Hello, I am setting up skript and I want to know something. I don't know the term, but it is the text after the command(e.g !ban {text after command} {text after text after command}. Is there a way to read the text after the command in Skript.

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yes, you can do that in skript, the text after the command doesn't only have to be text, it can be any object (number, item, text, player, etc.) and they are called arguments.

so in skript if you want to use arguments in a command you can do the following

command /command <text>:
		send "This is your argument: %arg-1%" to command executor

You call a argument by typing arg followed by which argument it is set as in the command event (starting at 1 from left to right)
You can also have multiple arguments, which follow the same structure as the first and you just refer to them as their order (arg-1, arg-2, arg-3, etc.)

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